Bank Holiday Monday 27th - Opening Hours 10-4pm. Please order currency for home delivery in advance of the bank holiday


Bank Payments

How do I know if you have received my funds?

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your funds. Bank verification can only be completed in office hours.

Click here to see our office hours.

I have not received confirmation that you have received my funds

Please rest assured we are working to process your order. We will send an email within office hours to confirm that we have received your payment.

If you have placed an order on the weekend, please anticipate that confirmation may arrive on Monday when our office reopens.

Why do you have new bank details?

We have simplified the payment process for our customers. Instead of paying Jubilee Tourist Information Centre Limited, you can now pay us into our Covent Garden FX Limited bank details.

My bank cannot verify your details

Confirmation of Payee is a new scheme offered by most highstreet (Or online) banks to give more protection when sending money.

Membership to this scheme is currently voluntary.

Our main bankers, Clearbank are not currently part of this scheme. Covent Garden FX limited support the scheme fully as it helps to tackle digital fraud.

If you would like to verify our details with a real human, please give us a call.

Is my money safe?

We are a fully licenced, legal and compliant business. We are registered with HMRC. Our HMRC registration number is XJML00000169400. We are a registered company 1000467.

We have a physical premises in Covent Garden, and have hundreds of positive and trusting reviews on google.

Why isn’t Covent Garden FX Limited part of the payee checking scheme?

Membership to the scheme is voluntary, and Covent Garden FX have no control over Clearbanks verification status.

We will always be on hand to help with any queries that your bank may have when issuing a new payee.

Click & Collect

Same Day Collection – Bank Transfer Payments

To guarantee collection you have to pay for your currency via Bank Transfer.

Any payments received after 1PM (Euros and Dollars)or after 10AM for all other currencies, will be available for collection on the following day after 1.00pm.

Same Day Collection – Bank Details

Bank Account Details
Lloyds Bank
Account: Covent Garden FX Limited
Sort Code: 30-65-41
Account Number: 47816368

* Please be sure to quote your Surname and Order Number as your reference when you transfer the money. Failure to do so may cause a delay in processing your order.

Collection Rules

If you have pre-paid for your currency, please ensure you carry some form of photographic identification, as well as a proof of address.

In order to obtain the online rate, you must pre-pay via bank transfer.

All currency is subject to availability.

You cannot pre-pay for currency using a debit card.

If you choose to pay by either cash or debit card, you are subject to the board rates in the store which are lower than our online rates. We stock Euros and US Dollars; but for any other currency, you are strongly advised to pre-pay via bank transfer.


Next Day Delivery Rules

We must receive your money by 1PM in order to fulfil next day delivery. Payments received after 1PM will be processed and dispatched the following day.

Payments received after 1PM on Fridays will be sent out the following Monday.

If you need pristine notes or specific denominations, we reserve the right to process your order the following day in order to fulfil your requests. If we cannot dispatch your money on the same day due to this, we will contact you before dispatching your currency.

All requests are subject to Royal Mail weight restrictions.

We cannot accept debit cards as payment for next day delivery. If paying with a debit card, you must select delivery from the following day.

How do you send the currency?

We use Royal Mail’s next day special delivery service. Your order is guaranteed to reach you by 1PM the next day. Orders are dispatched the day before your selected delivery date.

Once dispatched, you will receive an e-mail containing a tracking number, allowing you to track and trace your item through the Royal Mail. Tracking numbers are released in the later part of the afternoon. Please do not contact us about tracking information unless you have not received it after this time.

What time do they deliver?

Delivery is between 8AM-1PM and will usually be completed by your regular postman.

My parcel has not arrived

If it’s past 1PM and your parcel has not arrived, please check your tracking number to ensure that it is still en route. If not, please contact us.

Please allow yourself one day’s grace in the extremely rare event that Royal Mail do not deliver your currency on time.

Covent Garden FX are bound by Royal Mail terms that if items are delayed, we must allow them ten working days before they will consider a claim for a lost parcel.

Specific Denominations

At Covent Garden FX, we do our best to give a general mix. If you have a specific, essential requests; for example, notes dated after a specific year, or a large quantity of small denominations then this will come at a premium charge.

This charge is £20. The charge covers the additional costs to purchase your notes directly from wholesale and is just a small contribution to the additional Royal Mail charge for sending multiple parcels, as we are weight restricted by Royal Mail. We aim to be entirely transparent with our customers, and for us to be able to offer the best most competitive rates, we can't accommodate requests unless the premium is paid. This allows us to keep our best rates, and postage costs low.

Rising prices have hit all industries, and we are not immune to this. If you have any more questions about this service, then please contact our customer services team via email.

We reserve the right to alter this price at our discretion depending on the nature of the request. Multiple shipments or large quantities of small denominations may incur an additional charge, if this is the case a member of our team will be in touch.

Industrial Action

Covent Garden FX use Royal Mail special delivery service for home delivery. This is the only courier in the UK insured to delivery money. Your parcel may be affected by Industrial action.

Covent Garden FX will do their best to ensure your parcel is not affected. As soon as we know about strike action, we make sure you do too. We display this information on our home page, order page, and through our email communication. We strongly suggest you plan in advance when ordering currency so in the event of Industrial Action, you are well covered. We dispatch parcels in line with strike action to minimise disruption to orders. Unfortunately, Industrial action is out of our hands, and Covent Garden FX are not responsible for any late or delayed parcels due to Royal Mail.

For further info please see;

Please treat our team kindly during this period.


Why has my rate been changed (Postal)?

The rate booked during the online process is only valid the same day you place the order.

If the payment has been received late, Covent Garden FX reserve the right to change the rate on the order to reflect the current market.

Why has my rate been changed (Buyback)?

The rate booked for walkin buybacks is only valid same day as order placed. You must come to the store on the same day. If you come any day after this order, Covent Garden FX reserve the right to change the rate on the order to reflect the current market.

What’s your best rate?

To check our best rates, always shop directly on our website, where rates are updated every 15 minutes. If you are not travelling for a while, you can sign up to our rate watch service - which automatically alerts you when the market moves in your favour.


Unhappy with our service?

We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. If you would like to write a formal complaint, please write to our complaints manager at - [email protected]

When can I expect to hear back from you?

Our promise is to respond to a complaint within 7 days. Hopefully we will be able to tell you that the matter has been put right. If we are unable to put it right within those 7 days, we will tell you and keep you informed of the progress.

If you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint

If you are not happy with the answers provided, a senior manager will review your complaint. This will be dealt with in writing and you will receive a full interim response within 28 days of when you first expressed your complaint.

Royal Mail complaints

As outlined in our Terms and Conditions, Covent Garden FX are not responsible for late or lost delivery. Covent Garden FX will advocate on behalf of the customer to Royal Mail however will need 10 days for a parcel to be considered lost. Any lost parcels cannot be reimbursed until the claim has settled with Royal Mail directly.

London Delivery

What is London Delivery?

We offer a courier service for office addresses across the entire City of London. This service is available for these addresses only.

We accept both bank transfer and debit card for this service.

If you intend to pay via debit card, please allow 24 hours for your payment to clear.

For obscure currencies, we must receive payment by 10AM that same day in order to guarantee same day delivery.

For Euros and US Dollars, we must receive payment by 1PM in order to guarantee same day delivery.

Buy Back

Posting your currency to us?

Complete the Buy Back form to secure your rate. Once completed please send your currency to:

FAO: Mark Taylor

Covent Garden FX

30a Jubilee Market Hall



We must receive your currency the day after your order is placed. If we do not, we reserve the right to apply a rate change.

Make sure you provide your bank details either on the order form or have them enclosed with your parcel.

Coming to the shop?

In order to obtain the best rate, you must place your order online as a Buy Back. Quote your order number when you come to the store and we will give you the best rate.

If you don’t place your order online, you will be subject to the board rates which are set first thing in the morning.

If you’re placing your order online, please ensure to bring sufficient photographic identification and a proof of address.

What denominations are not accepted?

We cannot accept 500 Euro notes or any coins.


Why do I need to Provide ID?

We require ID so we can verify your identity.

This could be for a variety of reasons. You may not be registered at the address that you provided on the order form, this may be because you’ve recently moved, married or are living in a newly built premises.

In this case, we will ask for photographic ID and a proof of address.

We also ask for ID when you purchase over a certain amount of currency.

Under HMRC money laundering regulations, we are required to undertake customer due diligence at different threshold levels.

If we require additional ID, we will be in touch.

The forms of ID you may be required to produce include;

  • Photographic ID
  • Proof of Address (Within the last 3 months)
  • Large transaction form
  • Proof of funds
  • Other supporting documentation to support the nature of your transaction.

Covent Garden FX have compliance regulations in place to comply with AML regulations. Thresholds include £2500, £5000 and above £9000. These spends are cumulative.

You may be asked to provide ID below these thresholds.

Where can I send my ID?

Email your ID to [email protected].