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Sterling amount Currency Amount Rate 1.6116
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Currency Rates

Currency Buy Sell
US DOLLAR 1.6599 1.6116
EURO 1.2784 1.2518
ARGENTINA 22.0294 13.0111
LATVIA 9.8031 0.8555
AUSTRALIA 1.8785 1.7782
UAE 6.2589 5.8136
BARBADOS 3.4409 3.1066
BRAZIL 4.1557 3.6145
CANADA 1.8493 1.7541
CHINA 10.6675 9.5605
CROATIA 10.2542 9.2385
CZECH REP 36.8322 33.3410
DENMARK 9.9149 9.2067
HONG KONG 13.2087 12.2943
JAMAICA 196.2752 171.3953
JAPAN 185.1907 172.7260
MALAYSIA 5.6350 5.0768
NEW ZEALAND 2.1022 1.9564
NORWAY 10.7184 10.0970
RUSSIA 72.8073 59.4435
SOUTH AFRICA 19.0172 17.3871
SOUTH KOREA 1823.8231 1622.6032
SWISS 1.5767 1.4925
TURKEY 3.7563 3.4281
VIETNAM 36639.2005 31777.1265
BAHRAIN 0.6488 0.5870
BULGARIA 2.6044 2.3564
CHILEAN PESO 1057.9172 901.1888
DOMINICA 77.3849 66.6370
EAST CARIBBEAN 4.5567 4.2028
EGYPT 12.4227 10.5476
HUNGARY 419.1219 377.6051
ICELAND 207.5681 186.0280
INDONESIA 21205.9080 18064.2920
ISRAEL 6.3239 5.6676
JORDAN 1.2548 1.0805
KENYA 157.6703 134.3117
KUWAIT 0.5030 0.4419
LITHUANIA 4.5973 4.2076
MAURITIUS 56.2200 47.8912
MEXICO 22.7557 20.2634
OMAN 0.6749 0.5803
PERU 5.0631 4.3130
PHILIPPINES 79.5818 67.1699
POLAND 5.6178 5.1120
QATAR 6.4443 5.4896
ROMANIA 6.0387 5.1441
SAUDI-ARABIA 6.6372 5.8382
SINGAPORE 2.1693 2.0136
SRI-LANKA 232.6867 192.1266
SWEDEN 12.0869 11.2850
TAIWAN 53.5306 45.6002
THAILAND 55.2287 50.2079
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 10.9203 9.6723
0.0000 0.0000


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