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Sterling amount Currency Amount Rate 1.2949
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Currencies other than Euros and US Dollars MUST be pre-paid for by bank transfer. Cash/Debit card (Terms Apply)

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Currency Rates

Currency Buy Sell
US DOLLAR 1.3356 1.2949
EURO 1.2128 1.1757
ARGENTINA 31.4237 18.5596
LATVIA 9.2462 0.8069
AUSTRALIA 1.8371 1.6622
UAE 5.0219 4.6645
BARBADOS 2.7608 2.4926
BRAZIL 4.6236 3.8924
CANADA 1.8223 1.6488
CHINA 9.2921 8.3279
CROATIA 9.4892 8.5493
CZECH REP 34.1004 30.8682
DENMARK 9.3430 8.6757
HONG KONG 10.6054 9.8712
JAMAICA 177.3055 154.8301
JAPAN 145.9726 129.4474
MALAYSIA 5.6705 5.1088
NEW ZEALAND 1.9523 1.8168
NORWAY 11.6601 10.9842
SOUTH AFRICA 19.8576 17.5882
SOUTH KOREA 1592.8673 1417.1284
SWISS 1.3565 1.2652
TURKEY 4.1271 3.7665
VIETNAM 30879.3225 26781.5925
BAHRAIN 0.5207 0.4711
BULGARIA 2.4577 2.2236
CHILEAN PESO 938.6194 799.5646
DOMINICA 65.2169 56.1590
EAST CARIBBEAN 3.7094 3.3721
EGYPT 16.3446 10.5072
HUNGARY 397.3622 358.0009
ICELAND 169.4558 150.2722
INDONESIA 18700.2000 15929.8000
ISRAEL 5.3547 4.7990
JORDAN 1.0070 0.8671
KENYA 143.8085 122.5035
KUWAIT 0.4255 0.3738
MAURITIUS 50.5672 43.0758
MEXICO 25.9430 23.1016
OMAN 0.5417 0.4657
PERU 4.7746 4.0673
PHILIPPINES 67.6406 57.0912
POLAND 5.5033 5.0077
QATAR 5.1708 4.4048
ROMANIA 5.7705 4.9156
SAUDI-ARABIA 5.3252 4.6842
SINGAPORE 1.8675 1.7335
SRI-LANKA 209.1972 172.7316
SWEDEN 11.8318 11.0468
TAIWAN 45.6002 38.8446
THAILAND 48.0737 43.7033
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 9.2431 8.1868


Did you know that you can pay for your currency with debit card in store? (£2500 maximum - subject to availability). Click here for more details.

We do not accept Credit Cards.

If you are purchasing currency with a Debit Card then please bring along some form of ID in the form of Passport or Drivers Licence and proof of address.

To receive the online rate by Debit card you MUST fill in the 'Order Currency Pick up' form on the DAY you are coming into the shop.If you turn up at any other time the rate will be the shop board rate.Thanks

Cash transactions will be the Shop Board rate (not the online rate and subject to availability)

Bank Transfer payment (quick and free!) will guarantee your currency and online rate if paid same day as ordering. This is the only way to guarantee the money will be saved for you.


Call us if you are keen to do a bank to bank Money Transfer and we will advise you. Make great savings compared with changing through your bank. Alternatively email here with any questions.


Did you know that Covent Garden FX have drivers throughout London that will deliver currency to office addresses around the capital. Click here for more.


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